How To Get Lensbaby On Your iPhone

man using Lensbaby on iPhone

Lensbaby has long been a coveted line of camera lenses used for bokeh effects and selective focus photography. They appeal to a specific group of photographers but the audience is ever-growing and the latest Lensbaby Kickstarter may see the popularity soar like never before.

Lensbaby is introducing it’s product to the world of iPhone users – specifically, the LM-10 Sweet Spot lens which is said to perfectly emulate the classic Lensbaby look that aficionados have grown to love.

The Sweet Spot Lens will attach to the iPhone by magnet and while Lensbaby claims the magnet is strong enough to keep the lens in place, the down-side is that you must glue a metal ring to the back of your iPhone to keep the magnet in place.

Not super cool but maybe something we could get over.

On a good note, Lensbaby was smart enough to put magnets on both ends of the lens, so you’ll be able to overlap other magnetic lenses and filters.

Any dream-land, fish-eye fans out there?

The front element of the lens allows you to make any part of a photo the “in focus” part while the rest of the image will blur. A simple tap on the iPhone lens determines which part you want to be in focus.

You can also invert and flip all images on the iPhone.

A $50 pledge and the camera is yours but if you prefer to wait until the camera is in production, the price should still be the same.

Is Lensbaby for you?

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