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Narrative Clip

A new usb camera produced by GetNarrative is promising to let you “relive any moment of your life” with a wearable tech device that snaps photos every 30 seconds while you focus on fully enjoying life’s best moments.

It sounds like a great idea in theory but in practical application? The Narrative Clip might fall a bit short of expectations.

The tiny clip-on camera takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and it easily attaches to any article of clothing. It fits securely and looks unobtrusive.

When you’re ready to start snapping pics, you simply turn the device on. Four LED lights ensure that the camera is doing it’s job as well as giving an indicator of battery status.

Just need to snap a single pick? A simple double-tap on the unit will do the job.

So off you go – getting a new photos every 30 seconds, while attending your special event. The Narrative Clip will store up to 4,000 photos and a single charge will give you up to two days worth of usage.

The limitations only become apparent when you get back home and you’re ready to relive those special moments.

The Narrative Clip features a 5-megapixel camera and while that might sound nice, the images are poor. The average smart-phone produces better looking images with more clarity and detail.

There’s also no way to control the angle of your pictures, so you’ll find a mixed montage of disoriented photos that greatly distracts from viewing the full collection. Narrative app realized the shortcoming here, and they created a smartphone app that attempts to automatically straighten the shots on upload – though you’ll need to straighten each one yourself if you’re not using the app and uploading to your personal computer.

GetNarrative provides a means to share the photos from the smartphone app but no editing features exist so forget about cropping or enhancing in any way. There is no desktop software and that’s too bad because the process of uploading all photos via your smartphone is long and laborious. It would be much easier to copy to your local computer and edit with desktop software – if it existed.

The Narrative Clip sells for a rather pricey $279 and with all it’s shortcomings, that’s simply too high. It’s a great concept and future generations of the product might have us changing our minds but for now, we’ll just pull the iPhone out and snap a few pics of those special moments.

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