If you’ve fallen victim to eating meals more often, in an attempt to boost metabolism and help you achieve your fat loss goals, you can quit trying to eat so often because meal frequency simply doesn’t matter.

Myth 9 – Eat smaller meals to spike your metabolism

This myth was created due to a misunderstanding of the Thermic Effect of Food, or TEF. As you consume calories, your metabolism must increase for a short while so that your body can carry out digestion of the food. It seemed logical that eating more often would cause this metabolic spike more often and so smaller, more frequent meals, would be of the greatest benefit.

Fortunately, this myth has been debunked. As it turns out, the metabolic spike from eating is proportional to how much you eat. If you eat six small meals a day, you get six small metabolic spikes a day. If you eat one very large meal a day, you get one very large spike that has to happen for digestion to occur. You can read more on this in part 7 our 10-part series on metabolism myths but most importantly, you should know that smaller spikes happening at more frequent intervals does nothing to affect overall greater fat loss.

In hindsight, this should have been a no-brainer. It seems silly to think that a 2,000 calorie meal would incur the same metabolic spike as a 300 calorie meal. The larger meal would obviously require a great deal more energy for calories to be digested, stored and used.

Remember how Mom or Grandma always preached the value of three square meals a day? It turns out that this works great – and you don’t have to focus on finding little windows of time to devour food in an attempt to achieve your desired fitness results.

On the other hand, if you prefer six small meals a day, there’s no reason not to eat that way. For me personally, six small meals leaves me wanting more food at the end of every meal I eat. I prefer to fast during every day and I eat all my calories in the evening. It helps me stay lean and ripped year round.

Eat as often as you like and choose what works best for you. Weight loss should be about you utilizing the methods that work best for you and when it comes down to it – it is.