Police officers have a tough job and unfortunately, the really good ones often get lost in the shadow of the really bad ones.

The police department in Quincy, California might have found a great solution to improving the image of police officers and public relations with the police department as a whole. They’re increasing the number of random traffic stops.

That might sound a bit counter-intuitive but in this case, it’s simply brilliant.

Check out the above video as members of the Quincy police department pull drivers over for looking too serious. After asking drivers if they are aware of vehicle code section 339472, the officers present them with an ice-cream cone and inform them they’re responding to a report of “driving without ice-cream”.

The mood of those being stopped soon changes to laughter and joy. It’s a great way to restore the faith of our men in blue – and get a nice treat on a hot summer day.

Remember to smile when driving through Quincy, California – unless you’re hungry for a little ice-cream.