Tired of grabbing your morning coffee at the drive-through and spilling it all over yourself before arriving at your destination?

Check out the Viora Lid. It’s how the disposable coffee cup lid should have been made from the beginning.

Vaporpath is the Seattle-based company behind the innovative new design of the Viora Lid. Some of the features of their new lid include an odorless and recyclable material, splash-proof design and maybe best of all – your lip falls over the rim of the lid, giving you the sensation of drinking from a real ceramic coffee cup.

Viora Coffee LidViora insists that your coffee will simply taste better as the lid delivers a better drinking experience – allowing the aroma to really smack you in the face as you lift your cup to drink.

If you’re interested in trying out the Viora Lid, you can check out the Order link at their website for a 10-lid sample kit. For those interested in ordering, expect to pay about six cents per lid – a great price to make your Cup o’ Joe stand out from the many competitors in your area.

Vaporpath has also secured several patents for their specialized design. The company is focusing marketing efforts on smaller coffee shops, believing that these are the businesses that care most about delivering a quality coffee to their customers.

We just ordered our 10-pack, so we’ll let you know!