With every new bacon tip comes the responsibility to report it to men everywhere. We’ve informed you of bacon beer , cooking bacon in the oven and even given you five unknown facts about bacon. We just can’t get enough of the greasy pork side dish that’s so delish.

Here’s a simple technique for making bacon crisp and tender instead of dry and crumbly – which is a fine line when trying to decide on how long to cook it in a skillet the conventional way.

The latest bacon cooking video has a surprise twist. It seems that pouring water on your bacon is a great way to cook the fat off while providing the lowest risk of burning your bacon.

The informative video stars Chef Bryan Roof. He’s not only a chef but also a food writer, restaurant consultant, and registered dietitian. With a culinary career spanning over 10 years, Bryan holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Nutrition from nationally recognized Johnson and Wales University and Framingham State University, respectively.

We think it’s safe to add ‘Bacon Genius’ to his resume.