For 18 years, Kevin has traveled the world as a writer and filmmaker. He was formerly Managing Director at “Live Technologies” and his columns have been featured on USA Today and NBC News with a recurring podcast on CNN Radio. Media appearances include the NBC TODAY Show, Good Morning America and Post Media. Kevin lives in Springfield, Missouri, with his wife and three children.

Kevin Bradford

Founder & Editor

James was Managing Editor at Media Solutions for 15 years with a syndicated column on technology. James is addicted to running, having finished the Boston Marathon three times. He’s also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and the guy we all turn to with fat loss questions.

James Hawkins

Executive Editor

With a Master of Science in Finance and seven years of experience working for Facebook, Susan is a paid speaker who lives much of her life on the road and advises on risk management, corporate management and investment banking.

Susan Wetzel

Contributing Editor

Shawn was a lead web developer for Siebel CRM Systems. He has since retired from the world of 9 to 5 jobs and he’s for hire as an Oracle database classroom instructor. Shawn knows tech! Shawn lives with his wife and two children in Springfield, Missouri.

Shawn Hughes

Technical Administrator & Lead Programmer

Alan is a long-time writer who has been published on media outlets such as Mashable, Forbes and Yahoo. He has an intense interest in local community and is an active volunteer for several local programs. Alan is a RC hobbyist and you can often find him flying remote-controlled planes with his son at the park.

Alan Otwell

Contributing Writer

Anthony spent six years helping to build IGN network of gaming sites and he’s now a freelance logo designer with over 22 years experience using Adobe Illustrator. Anthony lives with his wife and daughter in Branson, Missouri.

Anthony Rader

Contributing Writer

Chris is an entrepreneur who has owned and sold 14 businesses in the last decade. He’s also a writer who is currently finishing up a fictional novel about the political upheaval of a US President in the year 2046 – when a community of high-tech “robots” are granted more freedoms and rights than the American people for the first time in history. Chris is also an avid musician who enjoys playing the drums and guitar.

Chris Porter

Contributing Writer

Marsha is the newest member of our staff. She’s a former newspaper journalist and current stay at home Mom who writes with a focus on parenting in the digital age. She’s been published on over 20 major news websites, including Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Parenting Magazine. Marsha is a NSCA certified Personal Trainer and lives with her husband, four children and five dogs in Bolivar, Missouri.

Marsha Hurd

Contributing Writer