How To Have Better Sex By Cleaning The House Together

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man making a Louis Vuitton shoe

There’s a reason those Louis Vuitton shoes look so damn good.

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husband and wife kissing

Here’s how to draw closer to the one you love and allow the emotion to intensify the sexual relationship.

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man using Lensbaby on iPhone

Here’s how to get the classic Lensbaby camera lens look on your iPhone with a new magnetic lens.

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Springbreak Wood Watch

Here’s how to buy a Maple wood watch that is fashionable and smart looking.

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3d printed drone

Here’s how to build a disposable drone with a 3d printer and avoid the costly fees commonly associated with high-tech drones.

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Scene from Breaking Bad when Walt was discussing chemistry

Here’s how to know all the elements that make up the human body and the percentage of each element inside you.

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about rawporter

Here’s how to sell your smart-phone media to major news outlets and make some extra money as a photo journalist.

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Coca Cola on brick wall

America the Beautiful is still beautiful when sung in any language.

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Erik and June Fitzgerald

Here’s an amazing story of love and a testimony to the power of forgiveness.

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