How To Start A Neighborhood Bar

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iHear headphones

Here’s how to get your hearing checked online, and grab a great deal on a new hearing aid that gets calibrated online.

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Cubestormer 3

Here’s how to set the world record for the fastest time to ever complete a Rubik’s cube using some advanced technology and a desire to be the best.

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The Halfbike

Here’s how to get a better workout on your bike ride by purchasing a clever new bike known as the Halfbike.

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Building a Loop the Loop

Here’s how to properly apply physics to the pursuit of running upside-down.

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A neighborhood bar

Here’s how to launch a neighborhood bar in your area with expert advice from a 22 year veteran who has survived the small stuff and is enjoying his dream.

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app for checking cholesterol

Have cholesterol issues? Here’s a new iPhone app that will make your life easier by allowing your to track your own cholesterol levels.

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car pileup

Winter and ice are here and that means a lot more auto accidents.
Here’s some extraordinary automobile pileup videos and some great examples of making bad decisions as a driver.

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Ever lose your phone and don’t have another phone immediately available to call and make your phone ring?

Here’s a quick tip on how to find your lost phone by calling your phone from your computer with a free service.

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Do you know of a person that routinely seems deflated and without joy?

Here’s how to help a sad soul to become whole again – by giving love and showing love as the ultimate example of a life well lived.

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Want to help your kids go through life with the greatest amount of confidence?

Show them how much you love Mom. There’s nothing else you can do that will teach a perfect love example while instilling confidence.

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