How To Start A Neighborhood Bar

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Ever considered storing your food away to save money or to ensure that a worst-case scenario won’t affect your food supply?

Here’s how to create the perfect food storage system and 10 tips to help you store food longer.

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Are you, or someone you know, getting ready to make the switch from high school to college life?

Here’s how to make the transition to being a college Freshman and how to survive university life while still keeping it fun.

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Ever considered developing an iPhone app for some extra money?

Here’s how to develop your own iPhone app and how much you can expect to pay and profit by creating your own app.

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Looking for a watch that will make you feel like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

The new Hyetis Crossbow will run you just over a grand but has many smartphone functions and includes a 41-megapixel camera.

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Ever find yourself in the midst of a conversation when someone throws out a misplaced comment that could easily be taken as insulting?

Here’s the easiest way of turning the situation around and giving the other person an opportunity to quickly apologize for a lack of tact.

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man showing a statistics chart

Ever wonder how to calculate random statistical happenings?

Here’s how to calculate “to the power” and come up with seemingly impossible chances, though a MLB fan came through with a one in a trillion shot just tonight.

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Have you ever suffered an injury that required rehabilitation? Have you ever denounced the treadmill in your exercise program because of instability issues?

Enter the Alter-G treadmill. It’s a technological breakthrough in the field of patient rehab and allows for “weightless walking”.

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Getting your soft-yolked eggs confused with the hard-boiled eggs you put back in the fridge the night before?

Here’s an easy way to mark your eggs and ensure that no matter what kind of refrigerator confusion ensues, you’ll always grab the right egg.

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Ann Makosinski

Is it possible to create a portable light source that requires no batteries or electricity and all power is generated by your body heat?

15 year old, Ann Makosinski, demonstrates her Google Science Fair winning project… The Hollow Flashlight.

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shark attack

Getting eaten by a shark probably sucks. The best defense is a well-laid plan.

Here’s the top tips for avoiding a shark attack and making your day at the beach day a little more enjoyable.

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