How To Start A Neighborhood Bar

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kick the bucket list

Got your “Kick the Bucket List” in order?

Creating a last will and testament is actually a fairly quick process and nearly guarantees that your final wishes for family and money will be honored. Here’s the three most important details you should be concerned with when crafting your will.

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Making a compass is about as manly as it gets.  It’s not just an exercise in chest puffery either.  It’s a functional skill that can put a man back on the path to freedom.

Here’s how to make a compass with nothing more than a wire, small magnet and anything to float your wire on.

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Can’t get enough baseball this time of year? We’ve managed to dig up 10 of the most amazing baseball facts around.

If you love to read about seemingly mortal men achieving the impossible, you’ll love this week’s post that’s solely dedicated to the sport of baseball.

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Men love their dogs. Acts of heroism and faithfulness only accentuate the love we feel on a daily basis for our four-legged friends.

Despite our infatuation with dogs, there’s a lot more to our canine friends than meets they eye. Here’s ten facts about dogs that might even surprise the most extreme dog lovers.

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pvc holder for pegboard

Man’s fascination with PVC pipe has forever stood the test of time. PVC is cheap, durable and lightweight.

Here’s five very easy and clever ways to make a PVC tool holder for both small and large tools and reclaim lost work space.

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Us guys love our girls and even more so when they strap on fighting gear and look ready for the hunt. Here’s a small sampling from our favorite collection of girls and guns.

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