How to Sing For a Band

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How To Build A Cocaine Business

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How To Dupe The FBI

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band performing

Here’s how to create an emotional connection with your audience and be a better performer and musician.

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Arthur Chu

Here’s how to answer Jeopardy questions like Arthur Chu with a free software program that the current champion has used to memorize facts and trivia.

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meerkat falling asleep

Here’s how to fake being awake and avoid the temptation of falling asleep – when you’re a meerkat.

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Man pooping at work

Here’s how to poop at work and understand all the proper rules of pooping etiquette.

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non-dominant hand drummer

Here’s how to develop the coordination necessary to make your non-dominant hand as effective as your strong hand.

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Unsigned Only Logo with 'Get Noticed' sign

Here’s how to get your song heard and noticed by professional music executives by entering a song contest for a small $30 fee.

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microphone with "how to sing" logo

Learn what it takes to successfully sing in a band and how you can improve your vocal chops.

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Man taking a picture of pyramids

Here’s how to improve your memory by taking fewer pictures and absorbing your surroundings.

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Bob Larson performing exorcism via Skype

Here’s how to pay for an online exorcism and have Reverend Bob Larson attempt to expunge demons from you via Skype.

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Kenneth Kramm

Here’s 10 steps on how to survive when being lost in the woods and increase your chances of making it back to civilization.

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