How to Sing For a Band

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How To Build A Cocaine Business

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How To Dupe The FBI

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Here’s how to get a pair of Kobe Bryant’s new Kobe Prelude VIII shoes, a symbolic creation intended to parallel Bryant’s career of ups and downs.

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liquid cocaine being made

Here’s how Colombian drug cartels are manufacturing cocaine, distributing it and evading the law.

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insulated brown paper bag

Here’s how to bring back the tradition of brown bagging it for lunch, with a new twist on the old paper sack lunch bag experience.

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Man and woman camping out

Here’s how to make the most of your camping experience with 10 laws of camping that are guaranteed to help you enjoy your outdoor time.

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The Burglary

Betty Medsger is the author of a new book entitled The Burglary and it’s an inside look into the greatest FBI heist ever pulled off – and how the FBI was secretly spying on thousands of Americans.

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If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, you may soon find yourself hungry. Here’s how to catch a fish with your knife – one of the oldest methods of fishing in history.

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acoustic guitar

Ever wondered how an acoustic guitar generates sound?
Here’s an inside look at how an acoustic guitar is crafted and a few interesting facts about the instrument.

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Like to play board games? Like to drink beer?
Here’s how to do both with a new twist on an old game.

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Run From Zombies sign

Want a creative, new way to get in shape?
Here’s a new fitness app that requires you to run from zombies to get to the next level. It’s fitness app like no other.

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Ever thought about a career as a male model?
Here’s how to land a job as a male underwear model and have a long career standing around in your skivvies and showing off your man pecs.

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