How to Sing For a Band

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How To Build A Cocaine Business

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How To Dupe The FBI

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beach boys original surfboard

Do you have an interest in music memorabilia?
Here’s how to own a piece of music history by purchasing the actual surfboard used on several album covers by the Beach Boys.

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Ever wish you could take true 360 degree photos, horizontally and vertically?
Here’s how to get full sphere photos with the world’s first 360 degree camera that allows for 12,000 x 6,000 seamless Dome imagery.

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woman revealing top of breasts

Want to have fewer heart problems and lower your blood pressure?
A new study suggests that staring at women’s breasts just ten minutes a day can greatly improve your health.

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scurvy orange

Want to fake a disease to ensure getting your fill of stuffing?
Here’s the symptoms that you’ll need to show and how to fake scurvy.

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Rocky Balboa standing in triumph

How does a man always win? He fights.
Here’s how to fight like Rocky Balboa and always come out on the winning side.

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Heather Dorniden

An unbelievable act of courage took place during the 600 meter run in Minnesota.
Here’s how to fall down, get back up and not just finish – but win the race, as Heather Dorniden illustrates in an amazing way.

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This woman foolishly makes the decision to run from the police with her five children in the minivan. But even more unbelievable?

The reaction by these police officers take the art of stupidity to new heights.

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severed limb cartoon

Ever wondered what steps are necessary to save an arm removed from one’s body? Us neither.. but it’s still quite interesting.

Here’s how to save a severed limb and give it the proper necessary medical attention so that it can be later reattached..

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Planning a nice, long evening for that first date? Don’t do it.

Here’s how to plan a 20-minute date and use it to find out if love is in the air and if there’s any chance or need for a second date.

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Ever have a possum crawl up under your hood and make a home?

Here’s how to stop animals from making a home under your car hood and creating costly repairs and ongoing automobile problems.

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