How to Eat For Ripped Abs

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Carbohydrate foods

Here’s how to make one simple change to your diet that will allow your body to burn fat in the easiest way possible.

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man lying on the floor in gym

Here’s how to get the energy you need to get back in the gym on a routine basis and make your workouts count.

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man doing crunches

Is it possible that spot reduction is the key to burning fat in those “hard to lose” areas?

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Here’s how to understand the role of glycogen in your body and an explanation on why cutting carbohydrates will not help you to lose body fat.

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Here’s how to detect a condition causing sudden cardiac death in athletes with a new protocol that may soon be a mandatory part of a physical screening.

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equation to calculate fat loss

Here’s how to use the fat loss formula and calculate current lean mass and the amount of weight you must lose to attain your desired body composition.

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Ahmed Kerigo and the street team

Not all exercises are created equal. Here’s how to do a flying push-up and world record holder, Ahmed Kerigo, demonstrates the feat at a height of 4.5 feet.

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Ripped abs

Here’s how to eat for getting ripped abs and the diet that will help you achieve your goals if combined with proper exercise.

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Skulpt Aim

Wouldn’t it be great to track changes in lean mass and fat for each muscle in your body?
Here’s how to measure body fat on each individual muscle with a new fitness gadget that is sure to be a game changer.

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Eat a little much over the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend?
Here’s how to get rid of the extra weight gained this holiday season and get an early start on looking great for the coming new year.

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