How to Eat For Ripped Abs

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Thinking about becoming one of the 400 million men taking testosterone treatments?

A new study reveals that there’s a very good chance that testosterone hormone treatments cause adverse health effects.

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Does one form of fitness work better than another? Do you mix up your workout routines in the gym?

Here’s how to get better results with the cardio that you choose when trying to improve fitness or achieve fat loss.

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Do you know how to burn an inch of body fat? Sounds easy enough, right?

Here’s the problem most guys aren’t tackling when it’s time to torch the love handles and lose all their desired body fat.

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Want big, muscular legs?

Here’s how to add real size to your legs and increase the size of your glutes while engaging in squats, the best exercise option for the lower body.

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Have you hit a plateau while lifting weights and can’t see to get any more results?

Here’s how to gain more strength and add muscle in the gym by incorporating negatives into your free weight lifting program.

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Did Grandma swear that the tryptophan in your Thanksgiving Day turkey would make you sleepy?

You might be surprised to learn that chicken actually has more tryptophan than turkey and when it comes to falling asleep, there’s a better way to utilize tryptophan.

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Ever know that guy that goes to the gym, grabs a pair of dumbbells and never puts them back up?

Here’s a great instructional on how to return weights to their proper place after using them. Pass it on.

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Want to know more about how body fat accumulates?

Every diet encourages fat loss but we give you a thorough breakdown of how fat is gained and burned for fuel.

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Every wonder exactly how much body fat you have?

Here’s how to measure body fat in the most accurate way in the privacy of your own home and without the need for expensive tests.

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Considering a new weight training regimen?

Here’s how to avoid injury when beginning a new weight lifting program by starting out slow and choosing the right training partner.

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