How To Create A Controversial Ad

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Acoustic Levitation

Ever wondered if levitation was possible? Acoustic levitation is now allowing for objects to be lifted and moved around in air – all with the power of sound.

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Terre d’Hermès

Still got some Christmas shopping to do and looking for a perfect guy gift?
Grab a bottle of Terre d’Hermès and quite worry no more.

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Tired of watches that pretend to be smart but need smartphone tethering to be useful?
Meet the Omate Smartwatch – the first truly smart watch that operates on the Android operating system.

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Ever wished you could cruise the neighborhood in a new 1969 Chevy Camaro?
Here’s how to build a 1969 Camaro by purchasing a new body at a remarkably low price and working on a project that’s guaranteed to bring you years of joy.

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Ever wished the kids could watch Netflix in the car for those long vacation drives to a different state?
Here’s how to get internet access in your vehicle with a new Car Connection gadget released by Audiovox that is feature-rich and easy to use.

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Wishing your iPhone photos a little easier to keep in focus?
Apple has filed a new patent that indicates future versions of the iPhone may have a new light field technology.

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Trying to create the next viral video sensation with your wedding proposal?

Here’s a story of some special people that understood the true meaning of romance – and it’s rooted in something much deeper than flash mob wedding proposals.

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pandemic mask

A pandemic could easily lead to millions of deaths.
Here’s some surprising facts about a possible future pandemic – and epidemiologists are claiming that it’s inevitable.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to memorize sequences of numbers in the thousands? Daniel Tammet knows the secret.

Here’s how he recalls numbers and languages by assigning color, movement and form to numerical digits in combination with a very special and unique gift.</p?

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dress shoe

Want to rock that custom-tailored business suit? Here’s how to choose the proper dress shoe and accentuate that form-fitting suit by ensuring that the feet are properly dressed as well.

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