How To Create A Controversial Ad

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Ever find yourself wanting to speed up some of your basic hygiene routines?

The new Blizzident brush is a 3D toothbrush that is molded to your mouth and cleans your teeth in a mere six seconds by grinding them together.

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Want to get some great sounding audio from your iPhone without the bulk of plug-in speakers?

Here’s a small device that will only cost you a couple Jacksons and allow you wireless freedom via Bluetooth pairing.

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Do you ever worry about your dog running away and getting lost?

The new iPhone Tile app is designed for locating lost items but we think it could be used to help reunite you with your lost dog.

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Need to grab a few screenshots of a video you’re watching for an upcoming presentation or just sending to a friend?

Here’s how to use the free VLC Media Player and get the most stunning images possible when capturing live video.

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Looking to travel soon but not looking forward to searching sites for the best deals on airline flights?

Here’s how to book that next flight and get the best rates by using the power of Twitter, an automated reply system, and a new idea by KLM Airlines.

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Malaria is still the third leading cause of death in all the world. Every 60 seconds, a child dies from this preventable and curable disease.

Here’s how malaria is caused, who it affects and how to stop malaria forever.

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Internet of Things

Imagine a world of devices that all operate on one interconnected network and need no batteries.

Ambient backscatter is the newest wireless technology that is allowing devices to talk to each other by absorbing and sending open frequencies.

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Tired of rubbing on sunscreen every time you step outside into the summer sun?

Here’s how to keep from getting a sunburn by using high-flavanol chocolate as a sunscreen barrier while enjoying the many effects of flavanoid antioxidants.

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Want to have some great fun creating videos?

MixBit launched today and it allows for a new trend in video creativity. Users upload 16-second “stitches” and can weave these together to create hour long videos. Download the free app today from the app store.

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Ever considered that your dog might be bored and lonely at home while you’re off to work everyday?

A new subscription channel is being launched next month and for $4.99, your favorite canine will have a channel dedicated solely to his viewing pleasure. Yes.. We’re serious.

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