How To Create A Controversial Ad

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belt rack for tools

Throwing those wrenches back in the toolbox is a habit that’s only contributing to your level of frustration when you need them most.

Here’s two clever ways to organize your wrenches in a way that will grant you immediate access to the perfect-sized wrench when you need it most and help to reduce the clutter in your toolbox.

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door fix

Men are resourceful and often prefer to explore an alternative solution just because it seems the more manly route to take. We pride ourselves on our ingenuity.

Here’s 20 solutions you’ve never considered… or maybe you did and realized that the quickest solution isn’t always the best.

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Want to own the room as soon as you walk in?  Nothing impresses like a confident strut  in a perfectly fitted suit.  Unfortunately, fashion is a lost art on many men but that’s nothing you need fret over. If you want to learn how to wear a suit the right way, it starts with understanding …

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messy house

Chicks don’t like to date guys with pizza crust and old underwear on the floor. Here’s how to avoid the panic of having a girl over when your house is a mess and how you can get a clean look to a messy crib in less than an hour.

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