How To Overcome Chronic Back Pain

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horse illusion

Are you a photography fan?
See if you can identify what is really going on in these 20 very unique images.

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The Verruckt

Do you like going on rides that give the greatest of adrenaline rushes?
Get ready for the Verruckt – a ride coming to Kansas City that promises to be the tallest and fastest water slide in the world.

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Have you heard the latest remarks from Oprah, claiming that President Obama’s failed policies might just be a result of discrimination?

Some black leaders are now speaking out against Oprah and claiming that such false remarks are contributing to the problem of racism.

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pigeons waiting to attack

Pigeon poop is nasty stuff that can cause an extreme case of the flu. That’s a lot of time out for a few seconds of bird feeding.
Here’s how to keep pigeons from attacking you and what kind of health problems they can create.

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Ever wish you could filter out all the noise coming in from the outside?

Here’s how to block unwanted sound from coming in through the window with a new concept device that will allow you to filter only pleasant sounds.

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You won’t believe how starved, abused and close to death this small puppy was.

But equally amazing to being restored back to health and happily living with a new family is the way she has helped a young boy with Autism.

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Got a dog who’s aging and finding it a bit harder to walk?

Here’s how to build an easy access set of ramps to help him get around a little easier as he gets older.

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Are you a fan of poetry? Honest truth.. we weren’t either – until today.

Check out one of the more memorable poems you’ll ever come across and see how Pages Matam conveys a message like few others can.

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With over one billion cases of the common cold every year, there’s every reason to be educated in what works for relief and what doesn’t.

Here’s how to make a bad cold worse by continuing with many of the day to day activities that should be omitted from your lifestyle after getting sick.

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Have trouble respecting attorneys? They’re not all bad, but this one in particular might be all bad.

Here’s how to fail at starting a sentence by using the poorest choice of words possible while defending a rape case, as a defense attorney.

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