Depressed man

Ever struggle with issues of depression? A new study indicates that drinking a glass of red wine every day may be the key to happiness. If not, it’s still a great excuse to drink every day.

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Vegetarian chili

Every one in a while, a vegetarian chili is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s how to make the best vegetarian chili in the world (someone had to do it) – Man Guide style! If you cook this up and don’t like it, your taste buds are dead.

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Tired of taking pictures that look great while shooting but have poor color when you go back to look at them on your computer?

Adjusting your white balance is the key to great looking photos with perfect color. Here’s how to ensure every shot looks great.

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Having an issue with a wart that keeps returning as a nasty growth on your skin?

Here’s a unique method of wart removal, using duct tape, that is proven to work better than the standard method of cryotherapy, which requires doctor invention and freezing the wart.

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Tired of having your outdoor parties ruined by bothersome mosquitoes?

Surprisingly, a strategically placed fan or two can be one of the most effective deterrents of mosquitoes at your disposal.

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With summer brings the sting of wasps and bees and a myriad of insects that we could do without.

Here’s how to soothe those stings from bees and wasps and an easy way to remember how to treat each.

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running water stream

Lost in the wild and not sure what to do?

Make water your first priority. Here’s a few tips on finding a good water source and how to drink water from a running stream for an increased chance at survival.

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on base percentage

In a baseball world that emphasizes batting average as the success marker for an offensive player, we discuss the more important percentage of OBP.

Learn about on-base percentage and use our easy calculator to computer OBP for any player in seconds.

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Michael Bastian Polos

Looking for a great “go to” summer time shirt? Polo is still the best bet for looking casual and smart.

Uniqlo has teamed up with American Fashion Designer, Michael Bastian, to create a brand new line of Polo shirts at an extremely affordable price of less than $20.00

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bacon mozzarella pinwheels

Put mozzarella and bacon together and you usually can’t go wrong.

Here’s a recipe that uses these two favorite guy ingredients to create a sporting event appetizer like few others. Best of all, it’s quick and easy.

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