bronze treasure shipwreck

Looking for a better occupation that brings in a little more money?

We submit that being a modern day treasure hunter and looking for lost pirate gold might just be the dream job you’ve been looking for your whole life.

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man drinking coffee

Spending more money at the local coffee shop more than you’d like to? Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee at home by learning the most important aspects of home brewing.

Here’s how to make a manly cup of coffee with perfect taste every time.

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Cooking a manly burger is an art and this week, we explore what it takes to prepare a juicy burger that’s rife with flavor and perfect in texture.

If there is but one cooking skill a man should master, it is cooking a burger that’s packed with flavor.

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Get up to speed on your Duck FAQs, learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ducks and explore the differences in dabblers and divers.

Some of these ducky tips will quack you up.

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Making a watermelon carafe is a great way to liven up your backyard barbecue while serving cold drinks in a very unique manner.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step to creating a carafe that’s guaranteed to get your guests talking while enjoying a cold one.

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victorinox flash

Guys love toys.  While we appreciate the occasional sweater and Christmas tie, what really gets us revved up is being on the receiving end of something unique and innovative.  Men are braggarts by nature and while we sometimes attempt to suppress our natural tendencies, we simply can’t resist showing off the latest technology or flashing …

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steaks on charcoal grill

Are you a fan of the charcoal grill or just tired of buying gas to cook with? Here’s how to cook the perfect steak on a charcoal grill and keep from making the mistakes that will have your steak tasting anything but perfect.

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