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Cubestormer 3

Here’s how to set the world record for the fastest time to ever complete a Rubik’s cube using some advanced technology and a desire to be the best.

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The Halfbike

Here’s how to get a better workout on your bike ride by purchasing a clever new bike known as the Halfbike.

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Scene from Breaking Bad when Walt was discussing chemistry

Here’s how to know all the elements that make up the human body and the percentage of each element inside you.

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Worl War II Paratroopers

Here’s how to invade enemy lines by air and parachute into a foreign land during World War II – as described in a superb account of Operation Salamander.

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bacon moustache

Here’s how to know more about bacon that you thought was possible by learning five fun facts about man’s favorite food.

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band performing

Here’s how to create an emotional connection with your audience and be a better performer and musician.

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Arthur Chu

Here’s how to answer Jeopardy questions like Arthur Chu with a free software program that the current champion has used to memorize facts and trivia.

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Building a Loop the Loop

Here’s how to properly apply physics to the pursuit of running upside-down.

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man receiving bad news

Here’s a sure-fire way to give the old man the shock of his life.

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