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How To Avoid Frugality

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How To Help Your Kids Have More Money

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How to Get Ahead by Using Your 401K to Pay Your Mortgage

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Want to give your kids the gift of learning how to save money?

Here’s how to start your kids down the path of fiscal responsibility and teach them all they need to know by the time they are young adults.

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Do you ever think about how much your time is worth?

Here’s how to think about the more important things in life and put a value on all those moments that mean the most.

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Is your Homeowners insurance setup to maximize savings, allowing for a little extra money in your wallet every month?

Take a look at your current deductible to make sure it’s set correctly. By raising your deductible just slightly, the savings become quite substantial.

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Thinking about getting life insurance but confused by the many options?

Here’s a very simply breakdown on the different types of life insurance available to you and why you need to get insured right now.

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Retirement Nest Egg

Interested in investing but not sure where to start?

The Simple Man’s Guide to investing covers the basics of investing and focuses on the most important aspect of retiring with wealth: Getting Started Today.

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simple interest

Learning how to calculate Simple Interest can come in handy when working out the details of a short-term loan.

Here’s the formula for calculating simple interest and a calculator that will work out all the variables for you, after inserting principal, rate and time.

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Education Planning

Are you a new Dad who’s thinking about the future of your child and all those college expenses you’ll be facing down the road?

Plan now and budget for college by creating a tax-deferred savings plan that will take care of the bill by the time your child is ready to graduate.

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credit report

Recently denied for a loan or line of credit? Inaccurate credit reporting filed on you may be the reason.

Here’s how to check your credit report and what to do if you find inaccurate reporting that has resulted in an unfair low credit score in your name.

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Money Pit Home

Buying a home is part of the American dream and one of the most exciting purchases you’ll make in your adult life.
Here’s some important considerations when considering your new purchase and how to avoid buying a money pit.

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