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bacon moustache

Here’s how to know more about bacon that you thought was possible by learning five fun facts about man’s favorite food.

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Cooked Crash Hot Potatoes

Here’s how to create a potato dish that takes only a few minutes of time to prepare.

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man drinking wine

Here’s how to pop the top on your wine bottle with nothing more than the shoe on your foot.

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Snickers foot-long

Here’s how to make a foot-long Snickers that is guaranteed to taste better than any candy bar you’ve ever purchased at any store.

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pizza biscuits

Here’s a simple way to make personal pan pizza out of biscuits and create one of the tastiest, and inexpensive, treats around.

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sous vide brisket

Here’s how to cook supremely tender meats and delicious vegetables, using one of three new sous vide circulators, created for the home kitchen.

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Here’s how to cook bacon to absolute perfection by skipping the stope-top method and opting to bake it in the oven.

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insulated brown paper bag

Here’s how to bring back the tradition of brown bagging it for lunch, with a new twist on the old paper sack lunch bag experience.

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Ever skip the beets in the vegetable section because you’re not sure how to cook them? You’re not alone. In a randomized study, four out of five guys say they have never tried cooking beets on their own. This randomized study actually occurred just a few minutes here at work, so we’re not claiming that …

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butter stick

Need a quick kitchen shortcut for melting your butter?
Here’s how to soften butter after pulling it directly from the fridge spread a nicely even melt on your toast anytime.

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