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Cooking the Thanksgiving Day meal for your family and friends this year?

Here’s how to make the perfect Thanksgiving Day gravy and ensure that you’re turkey dinner is a success.

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Like to race cars, man-handle super-models and kill spies? There’s a good chance you were born to be a spy and that means learning to drink martinis.

Here’s a recipe that shows how to mix up a manly martini and indulge in a classic drink that James Bond made famous.

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Did Grandma swear that the tryptophan in your Thanksgiving Day turkey would make you sleepy?

You might be surprised to learn that chicken actually has more tryptophan than turkey and when it comes to falling asleep, there’s a better way to utilize tryptophan.

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Want to create an easy 7-layer dip for your upcoming party or social event?

Here’s how to create the easiest 7-layer dip in the world and it’s a recipe that will save you time without sacrificing taste.

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Ever considered storing your food away to save money or to ensure that a worst-case scenario won’t affect your food supply?

Here’s how to create the perfect food storage system and 10 tips to help you store food longer.

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Ever get tripped up on what you should order while at a restaurant?

The burger is usually the cheapest meal on the menu but we’re not sure why. It might just be the best meal available when dining out.

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Vegetarian chili

Every one in a while, a vegetarian chili is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s how to make the best vegetarian chili in the world (someone had to do it) – Man Guide style! If you cook this up and don’t like it, your taste buds are dead.

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Want to make an easy to create dessert that will explode the taste buds of all those who indulge?

Here’s how to create a better apple cake that is the best around, and the absolute easiest to cook.

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Like your caffeine but not a fan of the sugar and calories that go along with energy drinks?

A new product is being marketed as a caffeine spray and a quick mist promises to make you as alert as drinking your morning cup of coffee.

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Here’s a strange new food combination that you probably never thought you’d see in the grocery stores.

Pepsi-flavored Cheetos are the latest craze in Japan and we taste test them for you and let you know if you can expect to see them in a store near you.

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