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Ever pluck a watermelon from your garden only to realize that it’s more pink than red?

Here’s how to know when to pick a watermelon and guarantee a juicy, ripe fruit every time.

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Make breakfast for the kids often? Kids love it when Dad starts the day with them in the kitchen.

Being a breakfast Dad leads to healthier eating habits for your kids and a healthier relationship that provides kids with a lifetime of great memories.

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Have you ever entertained the idea of the apocalypse happening? Any idea what you might do in regards to food?

Here’s how to prepare for the end of times and ensure that you have enough food stored away to guarantee survival.

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Getting your soft-yolked eggs confused with the hard-boiled eggs you put back in the fridge the night before?

Here’s an easy way to mark your eggs and ensure that no matter what kind of refrigerator confusion ensues, you’ll always grab the right egg.

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Joey “Jaws” Chestnut participated in Nathan’s Famous Forth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island and walked away with his seventh consecutive championship.

We extend our manliest fist pump to the California native, who ate an astonishing 69 hot dogs and buns in only 10 minutes!

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Trying to figure out which fats are good and which fats are bad?

Here’s the facts on fats, including which ones you need, those you need to avoid and how fats get used or stored by the body.

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powerful yogurt

Powerful Yogurt has introduced a new yogurt for men. With 25 grams of power-packed protein, it makes a great post-workout alternative to the protein shake. Brogurt is the new yogurt. Get yours today and watch that bench press lift increase.

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bacon mozzarella pinwheels

Put mozzarella and bacon together and you usually can’t go wrong.

Here’s a recipe that uses these two favorite guy ingredients to create a sporting event appetizer like few others. Best of all, it’s quick and easy.

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man drinking coffee

Spending more money at the local coffee shop more than you’d like to? Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee at home by learning the most important aspects of home brewing.

Here’s how to make a manly cup of coffee with perfect taste every time.

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Cooking a manly burger is an art and this week, we explore what it takes to prepare a juicy burger that’s rife with flavor and perfect in texture.

If there is but one cooking skill a man should master, it is cooking a burger that’s packed with flavor.

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