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Step 3 of creating a raised garden bed

Wanting to create a cheap raised garden bed for growing your own fruit and vegetables this spring?

Here’s an easy way to build your garden out of cinder blocks and save a bundle.

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pvc holder for pegboard

Man’s fascination with PVC pipe has forever stood the test of time. PVC is cheap, durable and lightweight.

Here’s five very easy and clever ways to make a PVC tool holder for both small and large tools and reclaim lost work space.

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Have you ever desired to create a beautiful walkway to your front door, only to be discouraged by the price of stone at your local hardware store?

Here’s how to make a beautiful sidewalk on a budget. For about $50, you can have a sidewalk that looks like it cost hundreds!

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belt rack for tools

Throwing those wrenches back in the toolbox is a habit that’s only contributing to your level of frustration when you need them most.

Here’s two clever ways to organize your wrenches in a way that will grant you immediate access to the perfect-sized wrench when you need it most and help to reduce the clutter in your toolbox.

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air hose

Nothing is more aggravating than trying to wrap an air compressor hose and store it away for later use.

Here’s a handy tip for wrapping your air-compressor hose and storing it away in the most efficient way for using it later.

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Making a watermelon carafe is a great way to liven up your backyard barbecue while serving cold drinks in a very unique manner.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step to creating a carafe that’s guaranteed to get your guests talking while enjoying a cold one.

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messy house

Chicks don’t like to date guys with pizza crust and old underwear on the floor. Here’s how to avoid the panic of having a girl over when your house is a mess and how you can get a clean look to a messy crib in less than an hour.

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