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How To Have Better Sex By Cleaning The House Together

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husband and wife kissing

Here’s how to draw closer to the one you love and allow the emotion to intensify the sexual relationship.

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Brian Miller

Here’s an amazing story of a man who died for 45 minutes, went to Heaven, and came back to tell everyone about his experience.

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Erik and June Fitzgerald

Here’s an amazing story of love and a testimony to the power of forgiveness.

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family jumping up and having fun on the beach

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Here’s how to make the holidays more enjoyable by spending meaningful time with the family and appreciating even the most difficult family members.

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Trying to create the next viral video sensation with your wedding proposal?

Here’s a story of some special people that understood the true meaning of romance – and it’s rooted in something much deeper than flash mob wedding proposals.

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This unbelievable and inspirational story of love spans over 50 years. It’s the story of a 19 year old boy who wasn’t allowed to be with a 29 year old widow – so they eloped and spent the next 50 years together, living in a cave.

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Got a dog who’s aging and finding it a bit harder to walk?

Here’s how to build an easy access set of ramps to help him get around a little easier as he gets older.

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Planning a nice, long evening for that first date? Don’t do it.

Here’s how to plan a 20-minute date and use it to find out if love is in the air and if there’s any chance or need for a second date.

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Ever wondered how a homeless person might react to a large gift of $100?

Here’s how to give with joy and bring a smile to the homeless with a simple, unexpected and very charitable act.

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Do you know of a person that routinely seems deflated and without joy?

Here’s how to help a sad soul to become whole again – by giving love and showing love as the ultimate example of a life well lived.

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