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Here’s how one man built an indestructible pod that can withstand the destruction caused by a tsunami.

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Kenneth Kramm

Here’s 10 steps on how to survive when being lost in the woods and increase your chances of making it back to civilization.

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Man and woman camping out

Here’s how to make the most of your camping experience with 10 laws of camping that are guaranteed to help you enjoy your outdoor time.

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If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, you may soon find yourself hungry. Here’s how to catch a fish with your knife – one of the oldest methods of fishing in history.

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pandemic mask

A pandemic could easily lead to millions of deaths.
Here’s some surprising facts about a possible future pandemic – and epidemiologists are claiming that it’s inevitable.

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pigeons waiting to attack

Pigeon poop is nasty stuff that can cause an extreme case of the flu. That’s a lot of time out for a few seconds of bird feeding.
Here’s how to keep pigeons from attacking you and what kind of health problems they can create.

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severed limb cartoon

Ever wondered what steps are necessary to save an arm removed from one’s body? Us neither.. but it’s still quite interesting.

Here’s how to save a severed limb and give it the proper necessary medical attention so that it can be later reattached..

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Ever considered storing your food away to save money or to ensure that a worst-case scenario won’t affect your food supply?

Here’s how to create the perfect food storage system and 10 tips to help you store food longer.

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Have you ever entertained the idea of the apocalypse happening? Any idea what you might do in regards to food?

Here’s how to prepare for the end of times and ensure that you have enough food stored away to guarantee survival.

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You know you’re having a bad day when you find yourself alone and on a deserted island looking for help.

Here’s the best ways to signal for help while stranded and some tips for getting you back to civilization in no time at all.

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