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Water is your most important resource when you’re lost in the wild.

Digging an Indian Well can be the difference in survival and getting clean, filtered water when you’re lost in the jungle and in need of hydration.

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Ever found yourself traipsing through a wet marshland and suddenly realizing that you could be the next meal for any one of several nearby alligators?

Here’s how to defend yourself against an alligator attack and beat one into submission while escaping with your life.

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Have you wondered if you could survive some of the most dangerous remote locations in the world with no resources but what you can take from your environment?

The Discovery Channel’s new reality show ‘Naked and Afraid’ has hatched the best reality show to date with extreme survivalists battling the worst of conditions.

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With summer brings the sting of wasps and bees and a myriad of insects that we could do without.

Here’s how to soothe those stings from bees and wasps and an easy way to remember how to treat each.

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running water stream

Lost in the wild and not sure what to do?

Make water your first priority. Here’s a few tips on finding a good water source and how to drink water from a running stream for an increased chance at survival.

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shark attack

Getting eaten by a shark probably sucks. The best defense is a well-laid plan.

Here’s the top tips for avoiding a shark attack and making your day at the beach day a little more enjoyable.

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Making a compass is about as manly as it gets.  It’s not just an exercise in chest puffery either.  It’s a functional skill that can put a man back on the path to freedom.

Here’s how to make a compass with nothing more than a wire, small magnet and anything to float your wire on.

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Life got your down? Feeling a little drab about your chances? Thinking about throwing in the towel?

Here’s a favorite animation that details the process of winning in life and always coming out on top with nothing more than a positive attitude.

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Jump from an airplane and forget to pack a parachute? No worries.

If you’re plummeting to your death and unsure of what to do, use this guide to have the best possible chance of surviving the fall.

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door fix

Men are resourceful and often prefer to explore an alternative solution just because it seems the more manly route to take. We pride ourselves on our ingenuity.

Here’s 20 solutions you’ve never considered… or maybe you did and realized that the quickest solution isn’t always the best.

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