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GTAT sapphire machine

A revolutionary new method of creating phone covers that don’t crack.

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Darth Vader toaster

Here’s how to buy a Star Wars toaster that will print an image of Darth Vader on every piece of toast you make.

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front and back of WeGo phone

The WeGo is Sprint’s newest phone and it’s built for kids.

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Petzval photo of man with blurred background

Bokeh photography has never looked this good.

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Narrative Clip

Take 30-second photos of your favorite events with a wearable-tech device.

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man using Lensbaby on iPhone

Here’s how to get the classic Lensbaby camera lens look on your iPhone with a new magnetic lens.

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3d printed drone

Here’s how to build a disposable drone with a 3d printer and avoid the costly fees commonly associated with high-tech drones.

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