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Graphic about net neutrality and freedom

Here’s everything you need to know about net neutrality in two minutes.

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man watching TV in the grass

Here’s how to pay far less for your cable TV or AT&T U-verse and still get all the viewing options that you desire by using a HDTV antennae.

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Kenguru yellow car

Here’s how to grab the new Kenguru, a car with a purpose of making life much easier for individuals confined to a wheelchair.

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facebook lookback video

Here’s a way to share your Facebook Lookback video on your page, even if your share button is missing.

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elgato video capture

Here’s how to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format in an inexpensive and easy manner.

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NameTag app

A new smart-phone app will soon allow you to search social networks and match profiles to any random face. Here’s how to get your hands on the latest facial recognition software.

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Acoustic Levitation

Ever wondered if levitation was possible? Acoustic levitation is now allowing for objects to be lifted and moved around in air – all with the power of sound.

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Ever wished there was a way to stream HDMI content from your computer to a big screen?
Here’s a new software and dongle that allows for wireless HDMI streaming – finally!

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app for checking cholesterol

Have cholesterol issues? Here’s a new iPhone app that will make your life easier by allowing your to track your own cholesterol levels.

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Want a cool new iPhone picture app?
Replay lets you combine your iOS smartphone images into a single video, add the music of your choice, and create a nice looking presentation.

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