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Internet of Things

Imagine a world of devices that all operate on one interconnected network and need no batteries.

Ambient backscatter is the newest wireless technology that is allowing devices to talk to each other by absorbing and sending open frequencies.

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Do you struggle with maintaining proper posture and find yourself often slouching?

The new LUMOback device and app will help to eliminate slouching and also provides an effective way to monitor daily calories burned.

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Want to have some great fun creating videos?

MixBit launched today and it allows for a new trend in video creativity. Users upload 16-second “stitches” and can weave these together to create hour long videos. Download the free app today from the app store.

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Are you considering building a new website and taking up blogging but not sure where to start?

Look no further than the Thesis WordPress theme for the most professional looking theme on the market that makes website building ridiculously easy.

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Have you ever suffered an injury that required rehabilitation? Have you ever denounced the treadmill in your exercise program because of instability issues?

Enter the Alter-G treadmill. It’s a technological breakthrough in the field of patient rehab and allows for “weightless walking”.

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How about a smartphone camera that takes 41-megapixel images and is priced at only $300?

The new Nokia 1020 has set the bar a bit higher for smartphones, offering features that have never before been offered at less than half the price of competing smartphones.

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Ann Makosinski

Is it possible to create a portable light source that requires no batteries or electricity and all power is generated by your body heat?

15 year old, Ann Makosinski, demonstrates her Google Science Fair winning project… The Hollow Flashlight.

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Want to download some youtube audio or the video itself?

Here’s how to download any video online that you can stream, using the firefox web browser and a free plugin that works extremely well.

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