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man waiting on an email

Here’s a sure-fire method to get a response from the guy who won’t reply to your emails.

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Ever lose your phone and don’t have another phone immediately available to call and make your phone ring?

Here’s a quick tip on how to find your lost phone by calling your phone from your computer with a free service.

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HIIT Running

Want to super-charge your body’s fat burning potential?

HIIT is a form of exercise that will turn your body into a fat burning machine if combined with proper nutrition and consistent effort.

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Making a compass is about as manly as it gets.  It’s not just an exercise in chest puffery either.  It’s a functional skill that can put a man back on the path to freedom.

Here’s how to make a compass with nothing more than a wire, small magnet and anything to float your wire on.

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Steamed Vegetables

Looking for a tastier way to cook your vegetables? Steaming doesn’t only make your vegetables taste better but it’s the healthiest way to prepare them.

Here’s how to make a home steamer if you’re wanting to add some extra flavor to tonight’s meal but don’t have a food steamer on hand.

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Tired of getting frustrated while trying to open blister packs?

Here’s a creative tip for cracking those hard-to-open cases and never again having to spend time in search of a tool to do the job.

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lost dog

You spot a dog running down the street that resembles one you saw on a flyer, while out walking the day before. What was the number on that flyer again?

Here’s a handy tip that will allow you to always put yourself in a position of reuniting a lost animal and owner.

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