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Ever considered storing your food away to save money or to ensure that a worst-case scenario won’t affect your food supply?

Here’s how to create the perfect food storage system and 10 tips to help you store food longer.

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too much in love

Want to really show a girl how much you care?

Here’s a top ten list of how to appear desperate and spearhead a potential love relationship into the path of certain destruction .

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Credit Score

Understanding the rules of credit is key to improving your credit score, maintaining an excellent credit report and improving your financial standing.

Here’s 10 great tips to rock your credit score and build perfect credit.

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cigar smoking lady

Marketing can take on an interesting light when trying to ignore the down-side of cancer and death and promoting the side-effects of good taste and being cool.

Here’s our weekly top ten list, showcasing some amazingly bad cigarette ad campaigns over the last century.

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We pick ten of the most evil men in history and expose their inhumane crimes in our top ten list this week.

Only those with the blackest of hearts made this list.

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Can’t get enough baseball this time of year? We’ve managed to dig up 10 of the most amazing baseball facts around.

If you love to read about seemingly mortal men achieving the impossible, you’ll love this week’s post that’s solely dedicated to the sport of baseball.

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Men love their dogs. Acts of heroism and faithfulness only accentuate the love we feel on a daily basis for our four-legged friends.

Despite our infatuation with dogs, there’s a lot more to our canine friends than meets they eye. Here’s ten facts about dogs that might even surprise the most extreme dog lovers.

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Nothing is sexier than a beautiful female who is also a superb athlete. Here’s the top 10 female athletes that you need to be following on Instagram.
Be the first to see some very candid shots of these stunning world class athletes.

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We love boxing because it’s about two men standing toe-to-toe, using only their fists and giving everything they have until a victor emerges. The boxing ring is a modern-day Roman Colosseum and only a true warrior dare steps in.
Here’s 10 of the best boxing fights there have ever been.

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victorinox flash

Guys love toys.  While we appreciate the occasional sweater and Christmas tie, what really gets us revved up is being on the receiving end of something unique and innovative.  Men are braggarts by nature and while we sometimes attempt to suppress our natural tendencies, we simply can’t resist showing off the latest technology or flashing …

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