Today’s post is an earnest attempt to help all those guys who are looking for the perfect pair of Yoga pants for their significant other and need to check out a few different styles first. Enjoy your shopping.

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bike fail 1

Biking is a pretty precarious sport all by itself, but bike racing certainly takes things to a whole new level.  These events seem custom built for testosterone.. and injury.

Here’s some of our favorite bike fails.

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charlie sheen

As a kid, I still remember Grandma talking about certain individuals and expressing a seemingly mixed message in exclaiming “He’s got some kind of gaul!”. After years of researching gaul and examining individuals displaying specific gaul characteristics, we now better understand what gaul is.

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Some men like to walk through life and go it alone. It works well for them. They’re modern day gladiators who prefer the sound of two footsteps wherever they go. Others prefer a sidekick… a close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies. Here’s how to get your very own sidekick.

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My baby boy arrived in June of 2008.  He was my first born and it was my first grand realization that life, as I knew it, was about to drastically change.  I was a parent to a little boy now.  Wow..  surreal.  I just held his little hand and stared into those two tiny little …

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messy house

Chicks don’t like to date guys with pizza crust and old underwear on the floor. Here’s how to avoid the panic of having a girl over when your house is a mess and how you can get a clean look to a messy crib in less than an hour.

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steaks on charcoal grill

Are you a fan of the charcoal grill or just tired of buying gas to cook with? Here’s how to cook the perfect steak on a charcoal grill and keep from making the mistakes that will have your steak tasting anything but perfect.

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tiger attacking man

Think fast.  You’re standing on a grassy knoll, while vacationing in Kenya, and a 700 pound Siberian Tiger emerges from the nearby woods and is charging you at full speed.  What do you do? There’s no need to panic (although you are no less of a man if you do).  By duplicating the successfully proven …

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