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How Bone Marrow Works

Considering Bone Marrow Donation Would you sit in a chair for five hours to fight cancer? Of course, right? OK, now let’s say that you had to be hooked up to a machine for those five hours via a needle in your arm. Nobody likes needles, but for me, it’s still a no-brainer. The last …

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Are you trying to eat less sugar or eliminate it from your diet altogether?

Here’s how to stop eating so much sugar and improve your health by introducing a few tried and true strategies for kicking the sugar habit.

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Feeling less energy and becoming more concerned with age?

There are several ways to power your mitochondria and make ATP conversion more efficient and CoQ10 might be the best supplement in assisting with this.

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Prostate problems creep into a man’s life as he nears the mid-life mark and severe inflammation can be the cause of urination problems and even cancer.

Take these steps to ensure a healthy prostate and ward off prostate problems before they ever have a chance to become an issue.

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healthy old person

Senescence is the deterioration of the body as we age. While we simply can’t do a thing about aging, we can do a lot to stop body degeneration by being proactive in our approach to mental and physical health.

Here’s how to avoid senescence, live long and prosper.

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