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How to Eat For Ripped Abs

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man laying down in hammock

Here’s how to lose all that body fat before summer arrives.

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Carbohydrate foods

Here’s how to make one simple change to your diet that will allow your body to burn fat in the easiest way possible.

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Ripped abs

Here’s how to eat for getting ripped abs and the diet that will help you achieve your goals if combined with proper exercise.

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Did Grandma swear that the tryptophan in your Thanksgiving Day turkey would make you sleepy?

You might be surprised to learn that chicken actually has more tryptophan than turkey and when it comes to falling asleep, there’s a better way to utilize tryptophan.

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Have you been told that the glycemic index of foods is important in achieving weight loss and boosting metabolism?

In the conclusion of our series on metabolism, we discuss why the glycemic index of foods is unimportant in achieving your fitness goals.

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