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bottle of Srirachup

Here’s how to combine two of man’s favorite condiments into a single sauce that has flavor, zest and kick.

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sous vide brisket

Here’s how to cook supremely tender meats and delicious vegetables, using one of three new sous vide circulators, created for the home kitchen.

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Here’s how to cook bacon to absolute perfection by skipping the stope-top method and opting to bake it in the oven.

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Ever skip the beets in the vegetable section because you’re not sure how to cook them? You’re not alone. In a randomized study, four out of five guys say they have never tried cooking beets on their own. This randomized study actually occurred just a few minutes here at work, so we’re not claiming that …

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Cooking the Thanksgiving Day meal for your family and friends this year?

Here’s how to make the perfect Thanksgiving Day gravy and ensure that you’re turkey dinner is a success.

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Want to create an easy 7-layer dip for your upcoming party or social event?

Here’s how to create the easiest 7-layer dip in the world and it’s a recipe that will save you time without sacrificing taste.

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Ever get tripped up on what you should order while at a restaurant?

The burger is usually the cheapest meal on the menu but we’re not sure why. It might just be the best meal available when dining out.

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Getting your soft-yolked eggs confused with the hard-boiled eggs you put back in the fridge the night before?

Here’s an easy way to mark your eggs and ensure that no matter what kind of refrigerator confusion ensues, you’ll always grab the right egg.

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