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FreeStreet LED light

Here’s how to do away with light poles on your street and implement a new system of night light that is far superior and saves energy.

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Carbohydrate foods

Here’s how to make one simple change to your diet that will allow your body to burn fat in the easiest way possible.

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man lying on the floor in gym

Here’s how to get the energy you need to get back in the gym on a routine basis and make your workouts count.

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Thinking about becoming one of the 400 million men taking testosterone treatments?

A new study reveals that there’s a very good chance that testosterone hormone treatments cause adverse health effects.

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Does one form of fitness work better than another? Do you mix up your workout routines in the gym?

Here’s how to get better results with the cardio that you choose when trying to improve fitness or achieve fat loss.

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Want to know more about how body fat accumulates?

Every diet encourages fat loss but we give you a thorough breakdown of how fat is gained and burned for fuel.

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Like your caffeine but not a fan of the sugar and calories that go along with energy drinks?

A new product is being marketed as a caffeine spray and a quick mist promises to make you as alert as drinking your morning cup of coffee.

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Are you trying to eat less sugar or eliminate it from your diet altogether?

Here’s how to stop eating so much sugar and improve your health by introducing a few tried and true strategies for kicking the sugar habit.

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Feeling less energy and becoming more concerned with age?

There are several ways to power your mitochondria and make ATP conversion more efficient and CoQ10 might be the best supplement in assisting with this.

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