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Is it possible that spot reduction is the key to burning fat in those “hard to lose” areas?

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sandwich bike

Here’s how to get your hands on a newly designed wood bike and turn some heads on your next ride to the park.

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Eat a little much over the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend?
Here’s how to get rid of the extra weight gained this holiday season and get an early start on looking great for the coming new year.

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Do you know how to burn an inch of body fat? Sounds easy enough, right?

Here’s the problem most guys aren’t tackling when it’s time to torch the love handles and lose all their desired body fat.

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Have you hit a plateau while lifting weights and can’t see to get any more results?

Here’s how to gain more strength and add muscle in the gym by incorporating negatives into your free weight lifting program.

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Considering a new weight training regimen?

Here’s how to avoid injury when beginning a new weight lifting program by starting out slow and choosing the right training partner.

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Have you been told that the glycemic index of foods is important in achieving weight loss and boosting metabolism?

In the conclusion of our series on metabolism, we discuss why the glycemic index of foods is unimportant in achieving your fitness goals.

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Have you heard that eating hot and spicy foods will burn more calories?

In Part 9 of our series on metabolism, we evaluate the effects of those sweat inducing foods on metabolism and crush another myth.

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Do you often find yourself trying to eat low-fat in an attempt to drop weight?

Fat is your friend. In Part 8 of our series on metabolism, we debunk the myth of a low-fat diet and explain the importance of dietary fat.

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