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Tetris Cookies

Here’s how to control hunger and replace visualizations of food with images in video games.

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Man taking a picture of pyramids

Here’s how to improve your memory by taking fewer pictures and absorbing your surroundings.

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Would you complain if you heard a neighbor playing drums overly loud? How about if that same neighbor was fighting with his wife?

You won’t believe the difference in reactions in this domestic violence experiment. Check it out and learn how to help stop domestic violence.

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Are you deterred from diets because you enjoy eating your sugary snacks and don’t like the idea of eating only healthy foods?

Here’s how to eat nothing but Twinkies and Nutty Bars and lose body fat.

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Having an issue with a wart that keeps returning as a nasty growth on your skin?

Here’s a unique method of wart removal, using duct tape, that is proven to work better than the standard method of cryotherapy, which requires doctor invention and freezing the wart.

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