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Wouldn’t it be great to track changes in lean mass and fat for each muscle in your body?
Here’s how to measure body fat on each individual muscle with a new fitness gadget that is sure to be a game changer.

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Have you been told that the glycemic index of foods is important in achieving weight loss and boosting metabolism?

In the conclusion of our series on metabolism, we discuss why the glycemic index of foods is unimportant in achieving your fitness goals.

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Do you often find yourself trying to eat low-fat in an attempt to drop weight?

Fat is your friend. In Part 8 of our series on metabolism, we debunk the myth of a low-fat diet and explain the importance of dietary fat.

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In our 10-day study on metabolism, we debunk a popular myth on resting metabolism and how it’s affected by adding more muscle.

Does adding more muscle help to speed up the metabolism and burn more body fat? We wish.

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Men have two types of fat but one is more evil than the other.

Here’s how to know if you have visceral or subcutaneous fat and how to go about shedding it.

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Getting all the sleep you need? A new study published at the Sleep Journal confirms that a lack of sleep has a direct impact on gaining weight.

Here’s a look at the results that might encourage you to get to bed at a decent hour and take advantage of a good night’s sleep.

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aromatase excess

Have lost a substantial amount of body fat and find that you now have a man boobs or gyno?

Here’s the difference in gynecomastia and moobs and what you can do to eliminate the problem and restore self-confidence.

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loose skin

Been dieting down but frustrated about some new skin folds on the tummy while trying to get lean?

Understand how to tell the difference from loose skin and body fat and how long it takes for skin to snap back after dieting down and seeing new skin folds.

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Been dieting to lose weight? Nothing affects your weight loss goals as much as your nutrition and nutrition is the most important factor in improving metabolism.

Improve your metabolism and you’ll burn calories like never before and succeed with all your lean body goals.

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