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Springbreak Wood Watch

Here’s how to buy a Maple wood watch that is fashionable and smart looking.

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magic wand

Daddy’s occasional find themselves in unique situations that call for action to make their little girls smile again.

Here’s how to bring the biggest smile possible to your daughter’s face and be her hero, and share in the joy of the moment you helped to create.

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Today’s post is an earnest attempt to help all those guys who are looking for the perfect pair of Yoga pants for their significant other and need to check out a few different styles first. Enjoy your shopping.

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My baby boy arrived in June of 2008.  He was my first born and it was my first grand realization that life, as I knew it, was about to drastically change.  I was a parent to a little boy now.  Wow..  surreal.  I just held his little hand and stared into those two tiny little …

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