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Have you heard that fat loss occurs at a greater rate if you train at a moderate pace?

Here’s the truth about fat loss and how your caloric burn relates to the amount of intensity you put into your training.

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Does EPOC burn more calories after you exercise?

Part 4 of our series on metabolism explores excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and it’s effect on burning calories after your workout.

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Want to drop a few pounds but confused by the conflicting information you see everywhere?

Here’s how to avoid the most popular myths, such as sprinting for fat loss, eating low-carb and increasing metabolism for fat loss.

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One of the manliest exercises you can perform at the gym is the deadlift. Unfortunately, many guys won’t attempt this exercise for fear of getting hurt or not knowing how to do it.

Put your fears behind you and embrace one of the best full body exercises available for strength building and fat burning.

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HIIT Running

Want to super-charge your body’s fat burning potential?

HIIT is a form of exercise that will turn your body into a fat burning machine if combined with proper nutrition and consistent effort.

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