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Graphic about net neutrality and freedom

Here’s everything you need to know about net neutrality in two minutes.

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Ever wished the kids could watch Netflix in the car for those long vacation drives to a different state?
Here’s how to get internet access in your vehicle with a new Car Connection gadget released by Audiovox that is feature-rich and easy to use.

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Internet of Things

Imagine a world of devices that all operate on one interconnected network and need no batteries.

Ambient backscatter is the newest wireless technology that is allowing devices to talk to each other by absorbing and sending open frequencies.

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dog comic

Browsing the internet anonymously was the calling card of yesterday’s internet but things have changed.

Check out the updated classic comic that reflects a more accurate state of how technology has changed anonymous browsing over the years.

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The social network numbers are staggering but current numbers are just a glimpse of what’s ahead. Internet traffic is expected to grow by three-fold over the next five years.

Here’s the top numbers related to traffic for the most popular social networks today.

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