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app for checking cholesterol

Have cholesterol issues? Here’s a new iPhone app that will make your life easier by allowing your to track your own cholesterol levels.

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Wishing your iPhone photos a little easier to keep in focus?
Apple has filed a new patent that indicates future versions of the iPhone may have a new light field technology.

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Ever lose your phone and don’t have another phone immediately available to call and make your phone ring?

Here’s a quick tip on how to find your lost phone by calling your phone from your computer with a free service.

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Ever wish you could spill absolutely any food on your shirt and have it roll off as if it had never been there?

This new hydrophobic coating claims to have such an effect and if the results are as claimed, it might be magic in a bottle.

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Ever worry about your pet while you’re at the office or on the road?

A new product by Petzila allows you to communicate with your friend via smartphone, snap pictures of him and even deliver treats.

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Want to get some great sounding audio from your iPhone without the bulk of plug-in speakers?

Here’s a small device that will only cost you a couple Jacksons and allow you wireless freedom via Bluetooth pairing.

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Do you ever worry about your dog running away and getting lost?

The new iPhone Tile app is designed for locating lost items but we think it could be used to help reunite you with your lost dog.

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Ever considered developing an iPhone app for some extra money?

Here’s how to develop your own iPhone app and how much you can expect to pay and profit by creating your own app.

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