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You won’t believe how starved, abused and close to death this small puppy was.

But equally amazing to being restored back to health and happily living with a new family is the way she has helped a young boy with Autism.

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If you’re like most guys, you sometimes find yourself realizing that you need to give a bit more in your relationships.

Here’s how to add value to your friendships by giving more of yourself, recognizing the achievements of others and loving friends as family.

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Want to enjoy your life journey all the more?

Here’s some practical advice in learning to be gracious, noticing the beauty in every day and loving yourself as well as others.

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Want to help your kids go through life with the greatest amount of confidence?

Show them how much you love Mom. There’s nothing else you can do that will teach a perfect love example while instilling confidence.

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Open Hands

Many people fail to understand the gift of giving. They see personal gain as the ultimate reward and question the intentions of those who go out of their way to please others.

Giving allows us to participate in the amazing journey of “being human” and the rewards are far better than material gain.

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too much in love

Want to really show a girl how much you care?

Here’s a top ten list of how to appear desperate and spearhead a potential love relationship into the path of certain destruction .

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My baby boy arrived in June of 2008.  He was my first born and it was my first grand realization that life, as I knew it, was about to drastically change.  I was a parent to a little boy now.  Wow..  surreal.  I just held his little hand and stared into those two tiny little …

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