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Cheat days are a bad strategy for getting rid of your body fat.

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A lack of calories might not be hurting your metabolism at all

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Have you been told that the glycemic index of foods is important in achieving weight loss and boosting metabolism?

In the conclusion of our series on metabolism, we discuss why the glycemic index of foods is unimportant in achieving your fitness goals.

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Have you heard that eating hot and spicy foods will burn more calories?

In Part 9 of our series on metabolism, we evaluate the effects of those sweat inducing foods on metabolism and crush another myth.

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Do you often find yourself trying to eat low-fat in an attempt to drop weight?

Fat is your friend. In Part 8 of our series on metabolism, we debunk the myth of a low-fat diet and explain the importance of dietary fat.

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Does your idea of eating for fitness include timing out your meals and eating smaller portions throughout the day?

Research has confirmed that meal frequency does not matter. Here’s how to achieve your weight loss goals by eating whenever you prefer.

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Ever heard that performing morning cardio in a fasted stated will help you achieve greater fat loss?

Fasted cardio is the latest myth that we discuss in Part 6 of our series on metabolism.

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